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00:00:00 – hey guys welcome back to my channel to have another holiday edition video and
00:00:04 – today i'm going to be sharing with you three really simple but delicious
00:00:07 – recipes that you can make any time during the holiday season
00:00:10 – I hope you guys like it and don't forget to comment down below which recipe was
00:00:14 – your favorite out of all three of them
00:00:17 – we're going to start by making these delicious goat cheese-stuffed
00:00:24 – bacon-wrapped date
00:00:27 – yes they are just as delicious of the sound like to take the dates that still
00:00:30 – have that picks in them i just find them easier to work with and then I just
00:00:33 – slice them in half take the pics out and I stuff down with room temperature goat
00:00:38 – cheese
00:00:40 – these are super simple to make you only need three ingredients
00:00:47 – the last ingredient is bacon what I like to do is take a slice of bacon and wrap
00:00:51 – it one and a half times around the date and then cut it and use that first slice
00:00:56 – of bacon as my mold for the rest of the slices so go ahead and get all my strips
00:01:02 – prepped and then I start rolling them all individually as made these for the
00:01:08 – past three years and every single time Peter the first things to go
00:01:12 – everybody seems to like them whether you are bacon lover whether you are a sweets
00:01:17 – lover
00:01:18 – whether you are chief lover after that I put a toothpick in them to make sure
00:01:22 – that the bacon doesn't unwrapped and I put them on a baking pan
00:01:25 – you want to make sure that you use a wire rack like this on top of your
00:01:30 – baking pan so that the grace can drip into the pan the bacon will get nice and
00:01:35 – crispy
00:01:35 – so I put in the oven for 375 degrees and I put it in there for 15 minutes on one
00:01:41 – side then i take it out
00:01:43 – flip it over using the little two pigs and put in for another 15 more minutes
00:01:48 – it's going to be a little bit different for everybody depending on your oven but
00:01:52 – for me 15 minutes on each side crisp them up really nicely and this is what
00:01:57 – the end up looking like the bacon is nice and crispy
00:02:00 – the cheese is nice and gooey on the inside
00:02:03 – and the date stay nice and moist and it is so so delicious
00:02:14 – ok so the next thing it is a twist on the classic doubled eggs these are going
00:02:20 – to be bacon and cheddar deviled eggs so you're going to start off with your good
00:02:24 – old boiled eggs and slice them in half and remove the yolk into a mixing bowl
00:02:29 – will have the measurements to everything that I talk about in this video in the
00:02:33 – downbar so make sure you check that out and then go ahead and add equal parts of
00:02:37 – mayo and equal parts of sour cream
00:02:39 – i also like to add about 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard I was trying to be
00:02:43 – creative and use spicy mustard but i recommend you use regular mustard
00:02:48 – so then I get everything a good mix until I get into this really creamy
00:02:52 – consistency and now I go ahead and start adding some sharp cheddar cheese into it
00:02:57 – just like a little sprinkle you really don't need a lot because you're going to
00:03:00 – be garnishing it at the end anyways once I add the cheese i give another good mix
00:03:05 – and this part is optional i just find it makes them look a little prettier
00:03:09 – I put them in a ziploc bag and create kind of like a frosting bag
00:03:13 – I just put all the mixture and their make sure you squeeze all the air out of
00:03:16 – it into one of the corners of the bag and then I snip it at the very end and I
00:03:21 – uses as a squeezy tubes or a funnel I'm not a baker guys so i have no idea what
00:03:27 – these are actually called and then I just start to squeeze the mixture
00:03:30 – instead of the hard-boiled eggs and this is the best part you're going to top it
00:03:36 – off with some crispy homemade bacon strips
00:03:40 – trust me on this don't use fake bacon bits
00:03:43 – just use a real stuff and you'll thank me later I usually like to add a little
00:03:47 – bit of chopped-up green onions but I was completely out today so i just add a
00:03:51 – little bit of parsley together a little bit of that festive color
00:03:56 – next we're going to be making this – oh great cheese troubles you have to be my
00:04:05 – favorite and they were also my husband's favorite you want to take your pistachio
00:04:09 – shells and just the shell them or you can buy them already – L
00:04:12 – and then you want to give them a good rough top careful not to completely
00:04:16 – crumble them because you do you want to keep some of those larger chunks in
00:04:20 – there
00:04:20 – the first thing you want to do is put equal parts of cream cheese and equal
00:04:23 – parts of goat cheese into the mixing bowl mix those two and two together you
00:04:27 – can definitely do just goat cheese and skip the cream cheese and vice versa but
00:04:32 – i find this combination is just absolutely delicious and creamy and
00:04:35 – delicious
00:04:37 – so just give it a good mix and then you want to take some a clear surrounding
00:04:42 – rock like this and add just a little bit
00:04:45 – I'd say about a teaspoon it's really going to depend on how large your grapes
00:04:48 – are you really just need barely enough to cover the grapes and you're going to
00:04:52 – take it a great make sure it's clean and nice and dry
00:04:55 – you're going to plop it on top of the cheese and just start forming this
00:04:57 – little like snowball around the grade
00:05:01 – if you find that your cheese is too soft and it isn't moldy and put in the fridge
00:05:04 – for about 15 to 30 minutes and then go back to this step
00:05:09 – so once you formed a little ball you can just release the surround wrapping
00:05:13 – you'll see how these little cheese balls formed and you want to drop them in the
00:05:16 – mixture of the chopped pistachios and just give it a good cover
00:05:20 – and that is it look how gorgeous they look and they are just as delicious
00:05:26 – you can definitely serve them like this or you can cut them in half so people
00:05:29 – kind of know what they are and they don't they aren't caught by surprise but
00:05:34 – these are so so young i highly recommend you try these and they just had this
00:05:38 – unique decorative flavor to them
00:05:41 – all right i hope you enjoyed these three super simple recipes and also if you
00:05:45 – need some more holiday inspiration
00:05:47 – last week they did it get ready with me Thanksgiving Day edition and in that
00:05:51 – video i show you more
00:05:52 – the formal type of makeup out then also a recipe don't forget to leave me a
00:05:56 – comment and let me know which one was your favorite out of all three of them I
00:05:59 – hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day
00:06:01 – and i will talk to you next time bye

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